What is a cut out image and why are they so important?

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A cut out image is a product on a crisp white background as shown in the examples.

How to cut out an image.

Cut outs are generally on a white background, however, depending on your product type, where the image is used or your brand style you may require the product to be cut out from the background. This means if you use the image on your website which is for example yellow, then the product won’t have a white box around it. If your website is black then the photographer may use black as the background to shoot the cut out, this would make sense when taking a photo of a bottle with clear liquid in.

Depending on your style, you may choose to have a shadow included, or a drop focus towards the back of the product.

There are more things to consider than you think for a cut out shot.

It’s not just a ‘cut out’.

Cut out photography is often over looked by companies and seen as something less important than creative lifestyle photography. Cut out shots are more important than you may think.

These images are favoured by journalists to feature on their shopping pages. They need to be the best possible quality to sit next to all the other products that have been sent to the journalist.

They are the images people shop from on your webstore so you want to show your product as a high quality product.  This is the chance to impress customers with your product and to show off the elements and details.

Things to consider.

Think about what the customer might want to see about your product, special features, details you might not see from the front, internal elements etc. What are the selling points of the item?

Quality, quality, quality.

It’s also worth noting that a good cut out image is not just about the quality of the photography but the product needs to be styled properly. No creases on fabric, no finger prints on bottles, basically the product looking it’s best.

Type of product.

Other key things to think about is the type of product – is it reflective, is it fabric, does it need folding in a certain way? These elements can affect the time taken to capture the image; fabric may need steaming, you may need a stylist to fold the item.

If it’s reflective then it will take the photographer longer to shoot because reflections need to be removed, you don’t want to be selling a mirror with the reflection of the photographer in!

Is your sample the best quality it can be? In other words you need to send the photographer the best sample you have. If they are producing a high quality image then the product needs to be in the best possible condition, yes elements can be retouched but again remember that this takes more time so will make the shot more expensive.


It’s worth finding a photographer that specialises in your field, for example jewellery, drinks or clothing so that they know how to shoot your product looking it’s best.

Need some cut out imagery?

Now you know the importance of good cut out photography if you need some producing to market your products then get in touch here.