What is a stop motion video?

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A stop motion is where a series of photographs shown one after another in sequence create the appearance of moving objects similar to that of a video. This is done by slightly moving elements before each photograph is taken. The images are then edited to play one after the other as a stop motion video.

How can I use a stop motion in my marketing strategy?

Stop motions are an effective way to capture the attention of your potential customers and have proved popular on social media and sharing sites. They can be used in your marketing strategy in various forms, such as short, snappy, fun videos as well as longer more informative videos. The above example illustrates how stop motion can give your products character and bring them to life. We created this video for Mean Mail Cards.

Below is an examples of simple repetitive movements that add interest to an otherwise static image.


How to use stop motion for an informative video.

Stop motion doesn’t have to be limited to small repetitive movements, longer more informative videos look very effective as a stop motion. They can create an element of fun to the video and bring the products to life in an aminated way. We were asked by the company Wet N Fix to create a video to show customers how to use their products. Stop motion was the perfect way to illustrate how to use the Wet N Fix discs.

Have a look at the final video here

Why use stop motion instead of a video?

Stop motion can be used to demonstrate product uses and process quickly and clearly.

Products are easy to manipulate and elements can be ‘hidden’ behind the scenes.

There is more control over the edit and retouch.

They can be less costly.

Products can appear to move by themselves so models might not be required as they would in video.

They bring products to life in a fun way and ignite imagination.


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