Whatever your requirements, there's a crew that's perfect for the job

I collaborate with a wide range of creative professionals. Being freelance in the industry for many years has given me the opportunity to work with so many talented people so I can vouch for them first hand

Art Directors & Producers

This is me - a bit weird, but aren't we all?

I will concept ideas and see the project through to completion.

I'm also experienced styling on set if this is what you require.

Photographers & Videographers

Whether you require an interior photographer or a specialist in food photography -

Likely I'll know the right person for the job.

This is Elayne, a fab photographer @elaynebarre

& Retouchers

This ice bucket started off with text all over the side, and just like magic @Sarahwardcreative made it disappear!

If you have an idea - it's worth running it past them - they are wizards with what they can do.

Set Builders & Decorators

Anything you need building - then this is where this talented bunch come in.

Let you're imagination run wild and this team will build it.

This is me attempting to help @Woodstag set build on our Darley & Dove shoot

Interior & Fashion Stylists

Stylists dress the sets and make the shot look on trend and gorgeous.

We know where to source weird and wacky or out of season props for your shoot.

This is a shot I styled for Habitat

Food Stylists & Home Economists

I style food and drinks for brands such as Nicholson's Pubs and Revolution bars.

I also work with extremely talented home economists, chef's and drink stylists.

This is me styling for Hotel Chocolat working with talented photographer @jackspiceradams

Illustrators & Artists

Illustrations can be used as another way to enhance your product.

This gorgeous window display was drawn by @jenny_ham1lton

Models & Voice Overs

It's not as easy as you think getting the right pose for a shot and you need someone to match your brand.

I have gathered several model agency contacts along the way.

This is from a shot I produced for @Tizzyvontassel

So many more

There's so many talented people that I've worked with during my career.

If you need any contacts or assistance with finding someone then I'd love to help.

Interested in joining the collaboration?

Get in touch here